Larisa homestay is located next to the Candi Sambisari temple, in the Purwomartani Kalasan area in Sleman, about ten minutes from Jogjakarta's airport. The Sambisari temple is a 9th-century Hindu temple accidentally discovered in 1966 by a farmer whose hoe hit a carved stone that was part of the buried temple ruins. The structure laid about five meters underground, most likely buried by an eruption of volcanic ashes from the nearby Mount Merapi, and very soon the excavation and reconstruction works started. They were completed in 1987, and now the Sambisari temple stands once again proudly showing its architecture style and ornaments reminiscent of those on Prambanan.

Other points of interests near Larisa Homestay include the Kadisoka temple (a partially excavated Hindu temple), "Bathok Bolu" in Sambiroto (religious and cultural ceremonies), and touring rural villages filled with beautiful rice fields. The surroundings are best explored by bicycle, provided free of charge to guests staying a minimum of two nights.

Apart from the above mentioned sites and activities you may feel like venturing further in town, there are plenty of universities, traditional markets, shopping centers, fitness clubs and local restaurants to keep you busy along the day. Not to forget the Sultan's palace, and old fashioned colonial buildings dating back from the Dutch era like the main post office, the bank of Indonesia and the BNI 46 buildings.

If you feel like venturing even further you could pay a visit to the Merapi Volcano, or to one of the countless beaches Jogjajarta boasts on its southern coast. Parangtritis beach is the most popular, but there are a zillion of secluded, and much less sought after, beaches near Wonosari.

All our bathrooms have hot water, and there's free Wi-Fi throughout. If you feel like cooking you are welcome to use the kitchen, or you could try one of grandma's heartily cooked dishes. Lastly, room service and free tea/coffee are available 24 hours a day.

Larisa Homestay is an ideal place to stay if you want to feel the Javanese hospitality and experience life in a local neighbourhood. You will be have opportunity to learning bahasa indonesia and the javanesse culture.


We look forward to welcoming you to Larisa Homestay, and to make your stay with us a memorable one ;-)